Machine Learning REPA:
Reproducibility, Experiments and Pipelines Automation
Open a community to spread good practices in MLOps, Engineering, Reproducibility, and Automation
ML REPA Projects
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ML REPA Meetups
We organize meetups and workshops to share knowledge to boost your machine learning projects
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ML REPA School
ML REPA School helps teams and professionals to master good engineering practices and tools for automating routines and building robust ML systems
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ML REPA Library
MLOps and ML Engineering Solutions for Success
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ML REPA Week Conference
Reliable ML,  AI Product Management, MLOps, Automation...
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Automate, reproduce and share together
  • Towards efficient Machine Learning
    We learn and share approaches and solutions for common ML project issues
  • Professionals
    Our participants are Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts and Team Leads. We share important insights and knowledge
  • Useful content
    Events announcements, Open Data Science (ODS) projects, Open Source tools, guides and tutorials on ML experiments management, pipelines automation and reproducibility!
  • Global Community
    ML REPA is a part of local Data Science communities in many countries, and involved into worldwide collaboration.
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